RepRap - Duet WiFi support

I’ve found some interest in supporting RepRap back in March in I the support coming or was it abandoned?

Duet already supports S parameter in G1 and I was able to get 0.1mm/px at 130mm/s with the latest firmware, further improvements are also planned with multiple pixels per G1.
Duet WiFi provides network access to the machine via API (LaserWeb was using it to upload gcode you could use it as an example).
If support is coming it would be useful to add init and end script fields in machine settings to allow running the custom command for each job instead of relying on separate macros.
Is there any ETA for Duet support?

I’ve just tested that gcode generated for Smothiware works as is with Duet with warning at the end " Warning: M2: Command is not supported" so the changes to gcode generation should be minimal.
A nice feature would be to provide customization for S parameter range I found out that integer values 0-255 are faster than float.

S-range customization is already present in the device settings window (S-value max). M2 is essentially a no-op (it means program end), so that would be easy to omit.

I don’t have a timeline yet for Duet support. I have a Duet Wifi here, and I’m interested in adding it, but I’m also in the middle of adding support for two new DSP controllers, so that will tie me up for a while.

Thank you for a quick reply. S-range customization is only available for Marlin which isn’t optimal gcode for Duet.

I believe I would know this if it were true. It’s available for Marlin, and the three flavors of GRBL supported. The only GCode device it’s not available for is Smoothieware, as that has a fixed range of 0 to 1.

Yeah, I was using the Smoothieware but looks like GRBL gcode will work for Duet too.

The device profiles in LightBurn have additional information in them about things like the buffer size of the receiver, whether or not to use flow control, USB identifiers for auto-connection, and some things about which forms of GCode optimization are valid for that system (does it need spaces, leading zeros, etc?).

Since you aren’t actually connecting to the device in question it’s not important for your case, but it’s the way we get maximum throughput out of the comms, and why there isn’t a generic “post editor” like you might see in other software.

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