Request: 2 points rotation tool

(I currently do some pretty fun design with off-center gears and as such there are several features I realized could benefit the software. So this is one of several post I’ll create of new feature I think may benefit the software)

Two point rotation similar to SketchUp. This would not change the existing rotation tool, but would be a new tool with its own separate behavior.

This is a 3 click system:

  • The 1st click defines the rotation point.

  • The 2nd click define the starting angle. Once the second click has been made, the rotation field is in focus, so you can type a rotation value and the shape will rotate accordingly. Or you can move your mouse and rotate the shape manually.

  • The 3rd click set the rotation.

The workflow is slightly different but the Arrange->Two-point rotate/scale likely does what you need.

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Yup, I missed that feature entirely.

Can we get an icon for it then ?
And the ability to type in a specific value.

You can put in a feature request but personally not sure if every feature needs its own icon.

So long as they are optional icons. CTRL+2 makes it bearable though, but that is something I will now use multiple times per hour.

Wow. What are you using this for?

Currently 2 projects which are using gears:

I’m doing a custom router table which uses wooden gears to adjust the router height (done) and the fence depth (almost done with the design, waiting to receive bearing to exact measurements).

And beginning to design a puzzle box which will have a key that activate gears to open the lid of the box. A lot of offcentered rotations & hinges will be involved in that specific project.

I also had the hardest time dealing with rotations while doing a turtle shell for some reasons… turned out OK, but took me a few more hours than I care to admit.

I uploaded some images here:

I have voted up the old feature request for typing in a rotation value:

Those are really cool projects. You should post them here as you progress.

Not sure if this would help you but the circular array tool has an option to rotate shapes as part of the array.

Yeah, I use that extensively. I create a tooth and then I use the circular array tool to create the rest of the teeth around a circle and then join all the shapes to create the gear.

There’s just a lot of trial and error involved in the process (despite using Matthias Wandel gear generator tool)

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