(Request - not a bug): Lead-in not possible with Tabs enabled

For some reason lead-ins do not show in the cut preview when tabs are enabled, so I assume they wouldn’t be in the generated file either. For the parts we cut, we require lead-ins/outs in addition to tabs.

Disabling tabs and going to Cut Preview mode shows the lead-in(s) again.

Thank you for looking into this! :slight_smile:

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I’ve logged this, and included a link to this post. Tabs, kerf offset, leads, overlap removal, and perforations all happen during cut generation, and there’s interaction between them that can make it difficult. Tabs + leads should be reasonable to do, and we’re planning support for perf + tabs too.

Hey All,

I am just bringing this back around.

There was a request for Tabs to work with Lead ins/outs

Did anything ever come of this? In my version (1.3.01) it still seems to be an issue.

This would be an amazing upgrade.

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We have a procedure now where we add Feature Suggestions to our Fider Site. I took a quick look and it looks like the Lead-in with Tabs request isn’t present.

The second post, referring to the first post was flagged as spam. I felt this ruling was neither fair nor accurate. In the interests of fairness and offering a compromise, I have threaded the post here with the original referenced post but I won’t be reopening the thread. Further redundancy here won’t be of much benefit.

Please post your suggestion on the Fider Site. If the Suggestion has already been made on the Fider Site, Please Upvote the suggestion. If your suggestion has not yet been made, please clearly explain the feature that you want and how it would help your workflow.

Thanks for your participation and your understanding.

There’s a 1.4.02 beta posted in our public beta folder that should contain this change.


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