Request: Support clipping mask / boolean operations for paths

I’m working with the surprisingly popular rattan cane weave pattern. My pattern is not just the holes to be cut all the way through, but also the vector score lines where, in a real weave, two strips overlap.

I want to apply that pattern to the inside of an egg shape.

The holes are no problem. They are actual shapes. Boolean of shapes is supported. It’s the vector score lines that are giving me fits. I can easily accomplish this with a clipping mask applied to my path, but Lightburn ignores the mask.

This is what I’m trying to achieve (screenshot from Inkscape):

Same thing, with just the score lines, not the cuts.

When I drag my SVG in to Lightburn, the clipping mask on the score lines is ignored:

I don’t know how to achieve this without hand-editing node-by-node, which is unreasonably time-intensive for this job. I don’t know of any software that supports boolean operations on a path (my score lines) and a shape, since this is more easily accomplished with a clipping mask.

Here is the SVG for your analysis.

Ideas? Please help.

LightBurn doesn’t support vector clipping masks.

I suspect the easiest way to handle this would be to use the Tools->Cut Shapes feature. It performs a cut on a shape using another closed path shape.

In this case:

  1. Inset the outline to create cut shape.
  2. Group all rattan pattern components
  3. Select rattan pattern, then add cut shape to selection
  4. Tools->Cut Shapes
  5. Discard outer portion of cut shape

That worked perfectly. Thanks so much!!!

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