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I am new to lightburn with my first laser. but i have ran into 2 issues. 1 if my laptop is plugged in wall and becomes disconnected (power plug not usb) even with a full battery the laser will stop the job even with laser plugged into the wall. 2nd issue any way to control the laser with real time adjustments? like start the job then adjust the power/speed so you can get the effect your looking for?

  1. That could be the laptop dropping the power output to the USB port, or it could just be a power spike causing interference with the connection. Make sure USB power save is off and ‘selective suspend’ off too.

  2. At the moment, there’s no way to adjust the power / speed while the job is running on GCode systems. GRBL controllers support this, but LightBurn doesn’t at the moment. It’s something I might try to add support for. You can vote for this by clicking the up arrow here:

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