RESET my machine :-(

My laser was not homing to the correct position all of a sudden, in the middle of a job. I hit the reset button on the machine, thinking it would reset and correct the problem. But I found that was a BAD move. Now it has a parameter of only a fraction of what it should be (700x500) I use Topwisdom. I will eventually upgrade to RUIDA, but i have to work with what I have at the moment and am missing out on the Christmas rush for my business. Please help!!!

I don’t know TopWisdom very well yet, but hitting reset should not hurt it. It sounds more likely that you have an issue with the homing switch or wires to them - if the machine does not properly home, it will cause other trouble.

thanks, I’ll check the homing switch and start there.

why do I have a message “communication to controller failed” all of a sudden when I check “Edit” the “machine settings”? It was working fine before. Now when I send a job through Lightburn to the machine, it stays lasering over the same spot creating a hole…not the image i sent to the machine?

Machine settings is not enabled for TopWisdom at all - it will do literally nothing, as there is not even code there to run, which is why it says it failed.

TopWisdom support isn’t ready yet - it was released to let people test it.

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