Reseting Machine Settings

I use an Atom Stack A10 Pro at work and I think it’s moving too fast and stopping too roughly, I did some changes to speed up about a month ago, one of changes was turn “fast white space scan” on and setting speed to 5000mm/m. I don’t remember if I change something in “machine settings” the oldest backup I have still have the same settings, is there a way to reset these values to the fabric ones?

I suspect that is machine dependent.

Thanks for the answer and sorry for the late reply. So that means I can’t reset it to the machine’s default? Maybe contacting the support?

Issuing this command in Console may reset to factory defaults:


However, two warnings:

  1. I don’t know if this command is considered safe on Atomstack units. You may not go to the factory defaults for your machine, but rather a generic setting
  2. It’s possible this command is disabled on your controller

In any case, I suggest you take a backup of your settings before attempting to run this.

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