Resetting camera settings

Hi everybody!

I just updated Lightburn to Version 1.1.04 and am now having issues with my camera.
When I now try to calibrate my camera lens I already get a cropped image as soon as I choose my camera as shown in following picture:

When I look at the camera picture in the Windows 10 camera app it looks the way it should:

With the image already cropped at the beginning it’s impossible for me to finish the lens calibration process.
Before the update I had the camera lens and allignment near perfect. Can someone please help me out here?


Which version did you update from?

Hi Oz,
if I’m not mistaken it must have been version 1.0.06

Can you tell me what kind of camera this is? I test with all the cameras we sell, and a selection of others, but it’s hard to keep up.

It is this OV3660 camera:

I’ve ordered this camera so I can try it here to see if I can reproduce the problem.

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Super, thanks for your help!