Resetting Green Origin Square Position, Out of Bounds

Lightburn 0.9.20
Riuda RDC6455G

I tried searching this but wasn’t sure if I was asking the correct thing.
When using Cut From Current Position Or User Origin the green cut from origin square is outside the boundaries of my cutting table and much larger than the actual part . Depending where I set the start position this pushes the part outside the cut boundaries and always starts the cut at a position other than selected. Absolute CoOrd is correct. I started with a clean slate to make sure I didnt accidently draw something somewhere that was causing the issue but I get the same result. Tried restarting the program with no change.
Is there someway to reset or reposition that origin?

Instead of answering your question, what are you trying to do? If you have an object that you want to burn, you can select it and, under the Laser tab, click on Cut Selected Graphics and also Use Selection Origin. This will allow you a greater degree of choosing where your cut starts.

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