Resim yakma sorunu (Picture burning problem)

15watt hoby olarak yaptığım lazerim var. daha önce benbox programında güzel çizimler alıyordum. orjinal program satın aldım . ama hep sorunlu oluyor. örnekleri koydum.

I have a laser that I made as a 15watt hobby. I was getting beautiful drawings in the benbox program before. I bought the original program. but it is always problematic. I put the samples.

merhaba orjinal resmi sisteme koydum. ama çizim esnasında hatalı çizim oluşuyor. koyu olan yerler gri gibi veya beyaz oluyor.
sorun nerede. bana yardımcı olurmusunuz. teşekkür ederim

hi, i put the original picture on the system. but during drawing, an incorrect drawing occurs. dark areas are gray or white.
where is the problem. can you help me. Thank you

Please Capture the screen and crop it to show the whole Cuts / Layers window in LightBurn.

What you are describing is likely related to Speed settings or an unintended unit choice for speed.

Commanding the layer to fire at a speed that exceeds the capability of the engraver, causes the controller to reduce the laser output proportionately to the shortfall. This may be why the suit-jacket is light when it should be dark. If the Engrave head is traversing or travelling for the white-space at a known good speed the dark features near white-space may be unaffected.

üzgünüm malasef olmadı. laser güçü çok yüksek geliyor. hız ile güç arasında hassas ayar yapmak gerekiyor. bu ayarı yapamadım. ben daha benbox kullanırken daha düzgün çizimler alıyordum. lisanslı programda bunu yapamıyorum.

sorry it didn’t happen. laser power is too high. It is necessary to make fine adjustments between speed and power. I couldn’t make this setting. I was getting smoother drawings while using benbox. I can’t do this in the licensed program.

benbox da yapıldı. aynı laser ile 15 watt laser kullanıldı

benbox was also done. 15 watt laser was used with the same laser

You may have set LightBurn to work in mm/second or Inches/second. The Cuts / Layers window will show me if you are attempting to engrave too quickly. It is easy to overlook. :slight_smile:

This is done all the time. Neither your outcomes nor your hardware are uniquely problematic.

Image engraving is very complex and there are many settings that must be adjusted.

I would be interested in the Benbox settings so that I may compare them to the LightBurn settings.

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