Resize Dimensions When Import

I’m hoping someone can help. When you buy a file from etsy or anywhere you get it when bringing it into LB how do I get the same dimensions as the next guy??? The Correct dimensions? Also, most files need to be rescaled to fit the page moving the handles changes the dimensions of the entire project.

Am I missing something? How do I get the dimensions I should? I’m so confused with all this please advise. If I reposition the project on the page my settings all change too so looks like we would need to know the size of the project to type in at the top when importing?? This is way I am thiunking anyway… Help

Will be hard to provide specific guidance without the file in question but I can provide some generalities.

From the best of my knowledge LB will generally attempt to import at the scale defined in the file if it’s available. If the information doesn’t exist or is ambiguous then it will use other heuristics to determine the correct scale. If you’re dealing with SVG files those are generally created at 96 DPI unless the file was made in Adobe Illustrator in which case it will likely be 72 DPI. LightBurn has a setting to switch this in Settings if need be. AI files and PDFs are in 72 DPI and LightBurn handles that directly.

In other words, LightBurn generally attempts to do the right thing so you generally don’t need to second guess it.

By default, files when imported will be grouped. This can be changed in Settings if you like. You can also easily ungroup the imported contents. This will allow you to manipulate individual shapes in the imported file.

I’m not really following this. Can you take a screenshot of what you’re facing? Moving shapes within LightBurn will not change their size, only their position.

There is likely an intended size but not necessarily a “correct” size. You can scale the image to your liking and to fit your need. If the size is significant then I would expect the creator to provide those details so that you can ensure dimensions.

If you know what width for instance you wish to have your file look into the width and height windows. I work in “mm” most of time until I really wish to see how wide they are quickly then I change my view to inches. For Instance: 76.4mm equals 3". You can select any width you like. When you set that value the height will change proportionally. Don’t forget to select the entire item so everything changes proportionally.

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