Resize slots in selection bug

I am resizing slots in a box and they line up perfectly so I get a common cut. When I resize the tabs end up crooked although the correct size.

I don’t modify Tabs, and do not see what is “crooked” in your image. Maybe this link will help you…

Did you click on the image and see how the lines do not overlap anymore?

That is what you would get if one part edge was a straight line and the other part edge was a slightly curved line. Notice how they separate and then come back together?

uuh what? they were identical paths and shared a cut at .25 mm, when i changed them to .23 mm they bowed. one didnt start bowed.

Can you upload the Lightburn file that is doing this? Changing from .25mm to .23mm and getting an unexpected difference is a clue they were not the same.

I’d try to run the shape optimizer tool first. Maybe there are some nodes in the path that create those effects. In shape optimizer, select “fit shapes to lines”.

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ill do that but i did check for extra nodes, i did a zero outline as well and checked for extra nodes and found none.

So the solution was, and seems to make no sense but, do the " tab height " before you do the " slot depth ". its the top and bottom height line that gets thrown off unless you do that one first.

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Please mark your last posting as a solution. I (we) may have to search for it later.

Glad you found it!

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