Resize svg files

Hallo guys, how can I resize svg files purchased on etsy for example from 3 to 4mm thick and if it happens with larger or smaller dimensions than the work surface?
Thank you

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Thee is a tab resizer that you put in the current size and then the size you need it to be and it changes all the demensions to the new size. there are plenty of youtube videos that will walk you through it. I used louisiana hobby guy video when i fist started @richfaraone


Thanks that I saw that there is, even if the dimensions of the joints do not always change … I also need to know if there is a way to enlarge or reduce a project based on the dimensions I need and the work surface . For example, if a project is 410x390mm and my work surface is 380x380mm, how can I adapt it while maintaining the proportions?

The Numeric Edits toolbar in the upper left of the LightBurn window is your friend:

Make sure the Lock icon is … uh … locked, type the width you want into the Width field, whack Enter, and away it goes!

You can also resize by percentage, if you happen know that number. In your example, it’s 92.683% = 100×380/419.

If the lock icon is unlocked, then the changes apply to only one axis, in which case Ctrl-Z = Undo will become your best friend.

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