Resizing completed drawing based on one dimension

I have a set of aircraft plans I’ve imported into Lightburn. I’m trying to scale up and down the whole image (grouped together) until the reference size in the drawing is correct.

Basically there is a square inside the drawing that is X dimension, Once you scale up or down to get that dimension, the rest of the parts are the correct size. Is there an easier way to make the whole drawing of parts resize itself until that X dimension is correct?

I have been resizing by dragging the corner up and down, then measuring the X part. And I can;t get it exact only close.

Thank you.

Try this:

  1. Make your own square that matches the intended final dimensions of the reference square
  2. Put your pointer on one corner of the reference square of the plans until the pointer changes to a 4 pointed reticle. Hold the mouse button to grab the corner, then place the corner of the reference square on one of the corners of the square that you created
  3. Use Arrange->Two-point rotate/scale; start by clicking the common corner of the reference square of the plan, then grab the opposite corner of the reference square. While holding down the mouse button push the shift key down and rotate/scale the plans by moving the pointer to the opposite corner of the square you created and allowing it to snap.

This should leave you with a scaled and rotated set of plans.

That is a genius solution! Thank you very much! Worked perfectly.

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Glad that worked for you. Come back with pictures of the final creation when you get a chance. People enjoy that around here.


It might be too early in the morning for my alleged mind to process this, as I’m having a tough time grasping the concept. Is there a video or screen capture GIF available?

[quote=“dinoap, post:1, topic:84907”]
Is there an easier way to make the whole drawing of parts resize itself until that X dimension is correct?

Maybe I’m not understanding it quite right, but isn’t it easier to calculate scaling and assign this calculated percentage to the whole drawing? I often use this method to scale my lamps to the customers’ wishes and together with the improved “Resize Slots” tool, I get my results even faster and better.

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Here’s a contrived mockup.



Now I see the point of what you write, very clever and definitely the fastest and easiest way. Thanks :+1:

that’s certainly clear, thanks

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