Resizing does not work

Hello I am new to Lightburn and I like it a lot.
But I can not change the size of my objects. If I use the arrows at Width and Height it goes to 0.000 and the objet is not visible any more. Same when I change the numbers.
Am I missing something?
Thank for your help!

I believe this is because of the Locale setting in your machine. It is likely showing a comma as the number separator instead of a decimal point. This is fixed for the next release so that it is consistent and works with either one.

Thanks! That is possible because I am using a German setting on my Mac. Where the . and the , are different to the US.

That’s most likely what it is. 0.9.20 should be out shortly, and I believe will fix this.

I Installed the new version 0.9.20 today and it works perfectly! Thanks for you help!
What a great software!

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Happy to hear it. :slight_smile:

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