Resizing using dialogue box streches from bottom of object. Any way to choose?

For example, holding control while dragging creates a symmetrical resizing but then there is no ability to enter exact values.

Your sentence needs more words, but if I’m parsing this right, I think you just need to pick a different point here:

That 9-dot control chooses the point that position and size is done from.

Yep. You figured it out. Is there a way to move an object or a handle of an object by a specific amount? For example, say I wanted the side to be 1.27mm wider, is it possible to enter that amount after I drag it some distance and then have it move that distance upon hitting enter?
For example if I drag the object but it goes to far and then go to enter the info, the other side of the object may be resized instead. Hard to explain but try resizing objects different amounts and in different directions.

I know that I can enter an offset in the box but if I want to move from the left or right must 1st change the origin 1st for each offset. Anyway, probably should take care of the detail in the initial drawing in my graphic software.

That doesn’t really sound any easier than changing the shape origin first - you still have to click somewhere first to make it happen.

Just need to get used to that flow. Thanks.
As a follow up, when dragging a line, for example, the snap to function doesn’t seem to be active. If I change the cursor type to a CROSS in settings then you can really see that the handle and the end of the line do not coincide. So when you have a short line and want to lock it into the end of another line one has to move it multiple time until it’s “close enough”.

I use this all the time, so I’m not sure what’s different for you, but I can tell you it works. Can you make a video of what you’re doing?

I don’t know how to video my laptop session but here is something I found.

In settings, Object Snap Distance, I had the number of pixels at default. Maybe with my monitor at a higher resolution the object I was grabbing was not grabbing on EXACTLY the desired point? I raised it way up and things seem to grab more predictably. I’ll play with it and let you know if I can’t get the desired result. Thanks

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