Resolution - is this what I should expect?

Please see attached, I’m using a BOSS LS 1420 with the Lightburn 4MP 60* camera. The bed is 14" x 20" and the camera is mounted to the center of the lid 25" above the bed.

I’m wondering if I should be getting better resolution than what I’m seeing here, even with playing around with brightness/exposure I can’t pick up linework or any sort of detail. Essentially everything is working but for my specific application (accurate lineups to engrave paintball guns) I can’t align with any degree of accuracy.

Based on this video I was hoping to see this sort of resolution, is this because he is using the 8 MP camera?

Another thing: his camera framerate is smooth, mine is very choppy (looks like 2-3 frames per second). I’ve got my camera running straight into a USB 3.0 port on my desktop.

Thanks in advance for all the help!

It doesn’t look like you’ve focused the camera - even looking at the preview I can see that it’s blurry. Use Use the Windows camera app, or expand the camera window in LightBurn and twist the notched ring around the lens about 1/8 turn at a time until you get crisper focus. You’ll also see a clearer image if you turn off the “Fade” toggle in the camera window, but it’ll be a little harder to see the project clearly.

Try that first and report back.

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