Resset , borrar carpetas (Reset , delete folders)

debido a los problemas que pese a la ayuda por parte del foro y las informaciones publicadas no consigo
ponerlo en marcha, he decidido partir de cero, una vez lo hice borrando de las carpeta de prefencias dos archivos .ini y empecé de nuevo.
ahora no puedo eliminarlos, ¿como puedo hacerlo?

due to the problems that despite the help from the forum and the information published I cannot
to start it up, I decided to start from scratch, once I did it by deleting two .ini files from the preferences folder and started again.
Now I can’t delete them, how can I do it?

solucionado, eliminando dos archivos pref.ini y pref.old.ini y reiniciando el programa, se empieza de cero.
fixed, deleting two files pref.ini and pref.old.ini and restarting the program, it starts from scratch.

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Windows 10 is a good sign.

Does LightBurn not start or Launch for you?

With your computer running, key the Task Manager sequence Ctrl-Shift-Esc.

Look for LightBurn. Stop or Halt LightBurn if it appears on the task manager.

Open Windows Explorer, copy the following line, click in the location bar but far to the right to miss all the words, and paste this into the location bar in the explorer:


then press Enter.

Open the file with notepad
Save this file to your desktop with the name Ghosts.txt

Please upload that file here for review.

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