Restart Safety issue ? & Concern

I am workin a lot with acrylic using my 80w machine. I run my projects (Scale Buildings for my Garden RR) using the latest LB SW. The issue/concern is: I run a project. All is well, then I take the project from the laser to the workbench and do whatever is needed. I put the next piece of acrylic in the laser to get ready for the next project. My laptop has timed out and is a power save mode (??). The screen is black and the normal thing to do is hit the space bar to get the screen back. BUT!!! The laser takes off and cuts whatever … !@#$%^
I know I can change the per save to a longer time but that is not the issue. The project is done! It should not take off again unless I tell it to. Can I change this somehow??

I press enter to wake mine up… but it’s linux.

Are you connected via USB or Ethernet?

At least for the short haul, I’d set it not to sleep.


press ctrl to wake the laptop up :slight_smile:
Another way to do it… is to press start on the ruida controller, it just reruns the last job that went through again.

Which version of LightBurn are you using? There’s a switch to ignore job-start if the monitor was asleep.

Thank you … I am using the new version

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