Restore CLB File for materials

I accidentally hit new on the materials library and it removed all of my settings for the materials to date and I can not figure out how to restore them. I don’t think I ever hit the save button. Every time it Lightburn loads it just reloaded the settings and I thought all was good.

Just click ‘Load’ and open the previous file you made.

Thanks, I went searching through the directories I had used before and found a version from march which is close. I don’t remember hitting save though but that was a while ago. Where would have more recent versions been stored? Is this a file I can import that would have more recent versions?

The material library is saved wherever you tell it to save - you can put it anywhere, so I would check your ‘Documents’ and ‘Downloads’ folders, in case you put it in one of those, as those would be common choices.

Searched the entire drive for *.clb and could only find that old one :frowning: I can live with this I think. I really don’t have a choice or so I thought.

I was looking at the file date and it showed March. But it does look like it’s keeping track of my changes. I was expecting the file date to change but this must be a File Created Date and and not File Modified Date.

Looks like I am saved. Thanks.


Tip: Can save this to a Dropbox folder, or other Cloud service that allows version history restoration.

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