Resume after pause

Hello, I paused 2 hours into a 5 hour job. When I hit resume it did not resume. What I have read on the forum is that it could be electrical interference, USB sleeping, or just bad luck. However, I only paused for about 30 seconds. It doesn’t seem like enough time to have the USB go to sleep or for electrical interference to suddenly happen.

Any thoughts? Sadly I’m not running a simple top to bottom burn. I’m scanning shapes separately so it jumps around to the different shapes and I can’t do the “burn from the other side” trick.

You can select the parts you want to run, and choose “Cut selected graphics”. As long as your machine is starting from the same spot (Absolute Coords or User Origin mode) it will run only those parts you’ve selected.

I did end up doing this and it turned out ok. I was lucky because my zero never changed.
Any idea what might have caused the error? Like I said, probably not enough time for the USB to sleep and I highly doubt there was electrical interference. I did not bring anything in or turn anything on or off during the time I paused and unpaused. If there was a source of electrical interference nearby, wouldn’t I see the disconnect happen more often than this once?

I would love to hear your thoughts.

I honestly couldn’t say. I’ve used pause / resume without issues myself, but it’s not something I do terribly often. I know users with GCode systems who’ve paused jobs overnight and resumed in the morning.

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