Resuming after power outage

Snapmaker has a feature that resumes jobs after a power outage by simply hitting the “resume” button. This feature has always worked while I used their Luban software. Any gcode files I’ve created with Lightburn doesn’t seem to support this feature. My machine has lost power during a few jobs. Even if I just pause the job, when it resumes the laser gets stuck in one spot and continues to fire the laser and all I can do is cancel the job at that point. Is there something I can do to allow Snapmaker to resume interrupted jobs?

Yes - there are a couple of options! Check out this video from our YouTube channel on recovering a halted job:

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Thank you for the video. So it doesn’t appear that there’s an option to simply “resume” without having to export a new file to complete the job?

No, there is no simple “resume” option - but it takes just a couple of steps instead.

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