Retracing my origin

Is there a way to find out what the coordinates were when you first started the carve.

I have my work peice origin set to the centre and my machine homes to the bottom left. I still can’t work the set origin option right and when I click go to origin it doesn’t return to my workpiece origin. So now I’ve lost my starting position.

Reason being I have a small area I want to laser back over because I had tape on the area to hold the workpiece down not thinking it would obstruct the laser path, rookie mistake it did. I have saved the output from the console if that could help.

Have you set up the workspace offset so your origin is at the front-left of the machine? If you do that, then Set Origin and Go to Origin should work properly. You can also just use ‘Absolute Coords’ and then wherever you place a job on the page in LightBurn is where it’ll go on the machine. Either one (User Origin or Absolute Coords) makes it pretty easy to run a job again.

What happens when you click the ‘Frame’ button? It should just go back to where it was again, unless you’ve powered down or changed things.

Ive got my machine zero set to bottom left. Job origin i always keep in the centre of workplace.

These are my settings

I couldn’t use the frame because i had no choice by to power down. Ive homed, now i go to where I’ve placed my work piece, find centre click on Set origin and see how this works.


The software will remember that last origin you used - try using Go to Origin before you set a new one. It’s remembered in your prefs, so it’ll survive a reboot.

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