Returning to start position post run, repeat jobs

How do i make laser head return to position that was set before starting the job, after finishing the run ?

I’m going to be roll feeding material to the machine and it would speed up the process of repeat cuts if i can just cut, roll down to the mark, cut, roll to the mark, cut, rinse/repeat.
But, if i remember correctly my laser leaves the head where it finished the job.

Can this operation be achieved in controller, as i want to run it PC-less, of the controller memory.

I have 300kg roll of PETG film to cut and need to cut process time as much as i can (face shields for hospitals/health professionals).

I havent run my laser in more than half a year, machine is being reassembled right now post redesign, cant test right away. Just covering my questions in advance.

Use “Start from Current Position”. Jog the laser to where you want it to start and set that as origin. All subsequent jobs will begin and end at that position.

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The 6442S doesn’t let you do that in any mode other than Current Position. Not sure why - The 6442G returns to the user origin after every job run in User Origin mode. The 6442S goes back to the machine zero, and I’ve never found a way to change it.

I have 664xg controller and no matter what setting I use the laser stops where it finishes. Using the latest version of Lightburn, any advice would be appreciated. Thank You

On Ruida, this is controlled in the controller itself. There’s an option in the machine settings called Return Position (I think) that can be set to user origin, machine origin, or No Return. The controller handles it, so the options are more limited than with GCode systems.

Ok Thank You, I check it out

That was the problem, set machine to absolute orgin and It returned to the start point. Thanks again

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