Returning to Wrong Origin

Hi, I love LB, but having an issue here. Sometimes randomly after a job my laser is returning to the wrong origin point, i.e. to the center of a job vs. the top left as it is supposed to. This is a problem, because sometimes I want to engrave with air off, then stop and run a cut with air on. Anyway this shouldn’t be happening. I have a CAMFive laser (probably ruida controller) running LB from my Mac. Any advice?

If you’re running from ‘Current Position’ the controller will likely return to the start of the job so the work can be repeated in place, if necessary. In User Origin or Absolute Coords mode it should return to the specified origin point. The return position is managed by the controller itself, not LightBurn.

The next time you notice it, make a note of which origin mode you were in. If it’s not ‘Current Position’ let me know and I can try to do some digging.

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