Reverse Ramping Function

I don’t know if this is a strange question but we are having issues with our laser machine after the suppliers had to replace laser tube for a second time. A 130W Chinese machine with Ruida controller but an Australian supplier.
It used to work just fine before the tube failed at just 142hrs. Yes, quality gear. :frowning:
Anyway they have done all they can and a ready to wash their hands of this so it is up to me to find a work around.
What is happening now is that when you raster etch (just Rowmark type material White on Black) a large font or large area above say a few mm wide, the power required has to be increased slightly to give a clean edge but then after a very short distance it starts to etch deeper into the black substrate and leaves a really average finish.
By reducing the power to where it used to be, it provides a very nice finish but the edges are feathered.
My interpretation is that it appears the laser power no longer starts a full power and takes a brief moment to achieve rated power hence it give a feathered edge for up to a millimeter or so.
I know of the “ramping” function on Lightburn but it only allows to ramp up the power from minimum to maximum settings but not the reverse.
Is this a feature that can be added or is there another work around?
In this case I need the power to start at 15% and ramp down to 13% at about 1mm into the etch.
I have come to this conclusion as when doing smaller fonts or thin vertical lines, the power needs to be increased slightly also else it give a poor result but reduced for wider areas in the same material and raster speed.
This has never been a problem until the supplier replaced the laser (albeit twice as the first replacement tube was faulty from new and was erratic and unstable).

Of course we are the first with this problem in the 7 years they have been supplying these machines.
Any thoughts or possibilities of having this option in the ramp mode settings?

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