Reverse Scan Interval

I have searched but cant find anything here…

When Scanning, the laser head position (and the etching lines) changes slightly on the x axis, on each pass in the opposite direction.

I am told this is caused by slight belt stretch, and in RDworks etc it can be adjusted out in a software x axis setting caslled ‘Reverse Scan Interval’.

Am I able to adjust this out in Lightburn ?

Thank You, love Lightburtn software, purchasing now…


Hi Chris - in LightBurn it’s called “Scanning Offset Adjustment” but it works the same as in RDWorks. It’s a table in the Device Settings, and the documentation is here:

Make sure you have at least two entries, increasing in distance, and the software will extrapolate others from those two.

Thanks Oz, I found that before I saw your response.

But having the 2 entries is a good tip,

Your prompt response is MUCH appreciated, have just purchased Lightburn :slight_smile:

Hey Oz is there a sample material settings file / template for Mac ?

No, not really. It’s meant to be “create as you go”.

All good - thank you…