Reversed Laser Power Settings?


Is it possible for Lightburn to generate gcode that has M106 S255 for 0% laser power and M106 S0 for 100% laser power? (and appropriate “reversed” midrange values)

It might sound like a strange request. Here’s how I got here. I have a DIY rig that I built. I didn’t know that the laser I got with 3 wires for control and power would be problematic. It seems to be much more trouble than I expected. So, I’m connecting the laser to the PWM signal from my controller board. I’m also converting the PWM signal from 24 v to 5 v. I had all sorts of grounding challenges with simple circuits to do the conversion. So I went with an optocoupler to help isolate the ground. Worked pretty well, but with 3 pins, I still couldn’t fully isolate the ground from the power signal from the PWM signal. Net net, my control signal is backwards – S0 for full power, S255 for no power.


Could you run the signal through a second opto to put it back up the right way???
Just a thought.



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