Reversed ruler - Newbie error?

Hi all

I have a Redsail X700 with Topwisdom TL403CB. It’s been working great but have always been frustrated with Autolaser. Then I found Brightburn! License purchased within 30mins of the trial!

Setup was straight forward, and on start up my X700 homes to the limit switch on the right rear, then after homing to the limit switch the laser moves X to the left side.

Setting up Brightburn, in “Where is the origin of your laser” I have Rear Right selected.

Every cuts and moves correctly, however the X ruler in Brightburn mirrored.
e.g The ruler starts at 700 on the left and goes to 0 on the right. I want ruler 0,0 to be top left in Brightburn.

If I select “Where is the origin of your laser” to Rear left then the ruler is correct but the whole bed is mirrored (x) when I cut.

My normal Autolaser ruler has 0 on the left, and 700 on the right, so don’t think it’s a DSP config issue?

Thoughts, help for a Brightburn newbie?

Hi Andrew - there isn’t a way to change this. Those numbers are showing the coordinates relative to the origin of your machine. Is there a reason you need to move it in LightBurn?

Hi there. Thanks for the quick reply.

It’s a strong preference, but if I have to I can live with it (just!).
That or move the limit switch and change the direction of homing travel.

I use top left cutting position a lot as this is the closest path for the laser beam. So, ideally my 0,0.

Distance from the 1st mirror has absolutely no effect on the cutting ability of the laser, there is no measurable loss in power at any point on the bed if the beam alignment is correct. If you have a noticible decrease in power at other points on the bed, it is time to hunker down and do an alignment on the beam path.

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Agree, it’s just a preference, and what I’m used to with 0,0 being top left. That said, my extraction vent is on the left, so any smoke generated on 0,0 (right hand side) would need to be extracted from across the bed, and the beam make it’s way through it

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Hi Oz. Just for my own understanding. 0 position (x) on the Brightburn ruler must be the same orientation as the Laser homing switch?

If you want things to come out oriented correctly, yes. The origin point in LightBurn acts as a mirroring control. Most people position their work with the mouse or with the ‘Move to corner’ controls, not numerically, so it’s largely irrelevant.

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