RF tube and Ruida

Hi, guys I have question. Is anybody using rf for example davi tube and ruida? Is it working properly? I think about build second machine to fast engraving (faster than 800mms with good quality). I dont have cash to buy epilog, trotec, etc so lets go another way :slight_smile:

Russ’ tangerine tiger series is on swapping a CO2 for an RF, left the Ruida in place.

Thanks for that Dave :slight_smile:, was just going to post similar, and for those that are not familiar, here is a link to the first in that series:

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Thanks guys, I will watching :slight_smile:

I have an Aeon Mira 5 with a 30w RF metal tube, running Lightburn, I don’t find it any different from running my glass tiled lasers.

Thats cool. If I good see aeon got davi metal tubes. I think difference is in speed of firing tubes. Metal tube is faster and laser dot is smaller thats allow to engrave fast with nice quality. I have gcc mercury machine with broken controller and i will put there ruida but first i try to control factory dc motors on x and y axis :slight_smile: