Ring box for wedding, marquetry/inlay

After my first try at marquetry where I used thin strips of woods I decided to buy a packet of veneer offcuts which had a lot of different wood varieties. I made this ring box for my upcoming wedding with four kinds of veneer glued on multiplex. The sides of the box are birds eye maple leftovers from a guitar build.
Made with sculpfun S9, a cheap diode laser.


Excellent. Really liking your choice in contrasting colours.


What is that dark brown wood? That’s gorgeous. I was thinking about inlays. Excellent woodwork on the box.

The package of veneers I received did not have any description as they where all offcuts. I think it is olive wood or perhaps a burly piece of walnut. Thanks!
Veneering is actually much easier than I thought and with this small scale does not require any special equipment. I lasered the outline in the walnut and then tried lightburn kerf compensation (outward) at 50% of the listed laser diameter for the sculpfun S9 and this was about right for the inlay pieces.
One thing to keep in mind is to keep sufficient speed or lower laser output (and two passes rather than one) as I had one piece of veneer catch fire when I went too slow…

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The dark wood looks like burl Walnut. I want to get into making things with veneer like this.

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That is really nice…Thanks for showing…