Roller rotary spins full travel when framing. Since .13 update?

I don’t use the roller often, doing almost everything with the chuck, but now I cannot get the roller to frame correctly. It seems like the setting used to have one field grayed out, perhaps roller diameter. I found a post saying the the test button moves 20mm so I change my steps/rotation so that the test rotates item 20mm, but then frame my 100mm graphic on a growler the outside only moves a fraction of that, perhaps 30mm. Last time I used this it was probably on v.11. Tried 360 steps, 35000 steps. What am I missing? attached…

The test does not move the roller 20mm - it spins it one full rotation. If you changed the steps until it only moves 20mm, you’ve done it exactly wrong. :slight_smile:

Okay, the 65,000 steps per rotation number is what gives me one full rotation of The Growler I’m trying to do with the test button. But then when I tell it to frame my 100 mm item it spins more than a full rotation very quickly.

The Test button gives one full rotation of the rollers. It will only do a full rotation of the object if you’re using a chuck rotary.

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