Roraty and small diameter object

I hope I get clarity in the following situation.

Machine: UV 5W Galvo.

I use a chuck rotary with an object of Ø 23.5mm in it. (circumference = 73,827 mm)

The rotary uses 12800 steps and is enabled. The Test button in the Rotary Setup gives a nice 360 degree turn.

My settings in Lightburn are:
0.02 mm Line interval
0.02 mm Split Size

The logo in Lightburn is 40 mm high.

After lasering, the lasered logo is only 1mm high. How is this possible ?

(When I go to a bigger diameter (other object) than I have no problems at all.)

Generally I think the software is set to mm and the machine is set to inches…

Don’t know if that’s possible with a galvo. I’d double check to see that everything is in the right units.

Do you mind posting the .lbrn2 file so we can examine it?


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