Rotary 4th Axis issue

I am using a millwright mega v xl GRBL with their 4th axis. On UGS the 4th axis works perfectly. On LightBurn I will go to select Chuck style. I then enable the rotary axis for A which is to where it is plugged in. (The step is prefixed to 360 and can’t be changed) so all I can fill out is the diameter which automatically does the circumference but then it maybe turns 10 degree. But when I hook it to the y axis and change it from “A” to “Y” and change the steps to 84 it works perfectly and rotates 360 degrees. But then when I’m done I need to re hook everything up and defeats the point of the A axis hook up. Can someone help me out. I feel like I need to change some kind of setting.

You do need to change a setting - In the GRBL firmware, there are settings for the number of steps per mm to move each axis. For the rotary axis, you set it to the correct number of steps required to move the rotary axis one degree.

In the console, type G0 A360 and it should spin forward exactly one rotation. Then G0 A0 should spin it back again, to the original location. Once you have the steps / degree setting correct, this will work as expected.


So when I type G0 A360 into the console it works perfectly. But when I go to the rotary set up for the A axis it only moves 10 degrees.

The 360 in degrees per rotation cannot be changed and when I do it that way it moves 10 degrees but when I type it into the console as you stated before it rotates 360 degrees. So I am not sure where I am going wrong. Any tips would be a great!

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