Rotary alignment on machine bed trouble

Anyone have any tips or tricks to get my wheel rotary perfectly aligned on the machine bed? I have tried using a center line on the tumbler for reference but still isn’t quite straight when I engrave the cup. Thanks.

I use an alignment jig to true everything to the gantry.

Here is an example of me using it for material, but the same concept applies for the rotary:

I highly recommend creating a rotary placement jig instead of using an alignment jig like the one for material.

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That’s a great idea. I can center the base of the rotary on a jig then align it to the gantry.

My Rotary placement jig does both. When I set the jig on the knife table, the slotted back slides into the knives of the table. That centers it on X. Pushed back to the back side of the table it’s centered on Y.

I specifically designed it to make the rotary placement effortless. It’s worth the time to make one specific to your machine if you have the drawing experience. I designed mine in Lightburn and cut out the parts on 1/2” plywood with the laser.

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it just looks professional, really nice solutions!

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