Rotary attachment 6445G

Ok guys this is my first post over here due to a problem that came up today . I am using a chinese laser with a 6445g ruida controller and today i tried to install a rotary attachment.

I know that 6445g can run a rotary attachment additional to the other steppers. So i installed the rotary at the U axis on ruida but couldn’t get this set up through the proccess “setup rotary” in lightburn. I am able to move rotate the chuck from my laser’s control panel but there was no way of setting this up.

Finnaly i unplugged my Y axis and plug it there to get it working . But i would like to use it as an additional driver and not this old fashion way. Is there any workaround , or the software doesn’t support it so i have to forget it …!

Thanks in advance.

You will find several interesting posts using the search term “Ruida rotary firmware”.

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