Rotary attachment for top wisdom controller

good morning,
Just checking in, will you post when you have the rotary options working? Waiting…

I see you have had no response, I too would like to know the answer to this question.

Sorry to have not responded earlier. Yes.

LightBurn will make an announcement with the release of Official TopWisdom support and any features we support for users of that controller here first:

Followed by letting folks know we have a new announcement through our social media and other outlets.

The pending release doesn’t have support for TopWisdom rotary yet. That’s likely going to go into the release after this one, though the coming release has quite a few fixes for TopWisdom.

Not wanting to harp on this thread but I’m about to upgrade to new laser with top wisdom controller and love my rotator.havent found any updates on whether it’ll work yet?will it be happening ?cheers

It’s important to be clear here - TopWisdom rotary is supported, but through Edit > Machine Settings, not Tools > Rotary Setup. They have an extra parameter that I don’t fully understand, and it’s likely to require a custom rotary setup to make it work more like the others.

Until that happens, the controls are exposed in Edit > Machine Settings in exactly the same way as they are in AutoLaser, so it does work, it just doesn’t hold you hand through it.

Hello !!

Is there any forecast in 2021, to include the option “Rotary Setup.” for the DSP TopWisdom ?


I have a question, and wasn’t sure if I should start a new thread @LightBurn

I’m installing a rotary, for which I have a separate driver, and I have the TL403CB, which has U, V, and Z axis’ that aren’t being used. I’m wondering if LightBurn will support the rotary on any of those axis’ or if I’m restricted to Y only.