Rotary Attachment not turning on Chinese IEHK 6090 with 100W CO2 & Ruida Controller

Using Windows 10 - Lightburn V0.9.19, Ruida RDC 6442S-B
Microstep Driver 2DM860-G-DKJ. Rotary Attachment Stepper Motor is: 17HA801Y-22P, FH200628 Smooth.
DIP Switch setting (SW5, SW6, SW7 and SW8) indicates that the Microstep Controller is set at 4000 steps/Revolution as per the following:

DIP Switch setting: SW1 ON, SW2 ON and SW3 OFF.
There is no combination listed in the following table for SW1 and SW2 ON and SW3 OFF:

I have turned on Rotary Attachment in the Lightburn Software.

I have replaced the Y-Axis 4 pin plug with the Rotary Attachment Plug.
Just read the Y-Axis Stepper Motor Model (located at front right corner): 17HA801Y-22P, FH200628 Smooth - same as the Rotary Attachment Stepper Motor.
Ruida Controller seems set at 10000 steps/Rev.

I have counted 20 teeth on the Rotary Roller and the Motor so no correction is necessary (1.0 Ratio).

When I burn the graphics on the glass bottle, it does not turn but does burn the image. The Stepping Motor is getting hot! Do not know if it is normal.

I am struggling to see what wrong I am doing. I must admit that I am a newbee with Laser Cutter and Lightburn software.

I read in one of the post to "Turn off
I appreciate help.

Thank you in advance.

I do not think the motor should be getting hot when not in operation, it might be stuck. My ebay laser with Ruida controls came with a faulty air pump which just hummed and didn’t produce any air. Im new to this as well but I do not believe your motor should be getting warm.

In your Current Settings Table there is a duplicate for the “ON-OFF-ON” configuration. It is used for both the 3.42 & 4.6.

Note that the “'ON-ON-OFF” is missing from the table altogether.
Might want to check those two or the original documentation.
Only posting the comment to ensure someone doesn’t over-voltage their setup based on the table.


Thank you for input/comments provided.

Finally with help from IEHK Sales who asked for a video of where I was connecting the Rotary Attachment and concluded that I was not connecting to the “Y” Axis controller. Once that became clear, now all is well and it is working fine.

Thanks again.

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