Rotary attachment on z axis

Hi, i try to use my rotary to z axis as i don’t use z axis on my laser and i don’t want every time i want to use the rotary to take out the Y1 and Y2 cables from controller. When i choose the z axis the y axis doesn’t move(as supposed ) but nor the z axis(which goes to rotary) moves. Do i still have to take out the Y1 and Y2 cables? Thanks!!!

What controller do you have, and I assume you have 3 axis controllers in the machine?

U axis is used for rotary in general on some controllers, not Z

This is the posted info for the eleksmaker A3 pro

Where do you propose to plug in the Z axes? This appears to be a 2 axis board.


i have a mks dlc-32 board with 3 axis

Assume the rotary works on the Y axes ok?

If you are running a 3 axis board then you should not have to fiddle with the Y cabling.


Yes the rotary works with y axis. I tried to use the stepper of rotary as a z axis after I enabled the z axis in lightburn but it doesn’t move. Maybe the board needs another firmware. I don’t know yet. But after I manage to enable z axis will I be able to move the rotary and don’t change cables every time I want to engrave a bottle?

Are the switches on the driver set the same for Z as Y?

Do you have a photo of your board in the machine?


Sorry, I’m totally idiot. I don’t have a driver on z axis. Now that I saw the photo of my board I remembered it. The board came with 2 drivers. Do you think that If I take one of my eleksmana board will fit? I have to see if the switches are in same position. I think all of them are in the upper position. I’ll check tomorrow. I have to sleep for work. Thanks for your valuable help.

Thought about asking you, but didn’t want to offend… figured the photo might jar you

Might fit,don’t know about working…

Probably if they look the same. I’m not that familiar with these variations in the grbl machines.

Should be able to check at the DLC32 site for a driver. It would be a drag to ‘sizzle’ you new board…

A word… Do not get in a hurry, you will damage or destroy a machine and/or a lot of material.

Good luck, take care


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