Rotary axis alignment

Trying to figure out the best way to align a rotary axis along the X axis.

I seem to be getting a spiral effect. I cut a 2" wooden dowel 8" long. I used a Starrett combination square to scribe a line, verified with a Woodpeckers precision square… The ends are 90 deg. I put the dowel in the rotary and align the beam to the line on one end, then tell it to move 200mm. I re-align the other end. I repeat this process until its aligned with the X axis.

When I burn a line the circumference of the dowel, the ends don’t meet. The length of the line is right but the start point and end point is off to the left.

Something is off but I’m not sure what. Maybe the dowel is walking, but why?

Today, I tried burning text on a powder coated tumbler. The text was clearly not straight along the circumference.


Check the alignment of your rollers. Are they parallel, level, and placed exactly the same distance apart at both ends? Is your rotary module aligned 100% with your X axis from one end to the other? Place your dowel in the rotary axis and use the “fire” button to check the alignment at both ends. As far as the tumbler goes, It MUST be the same circumference at both ends or it won’t work correctly. Even if you add an adapter ring to the smaller end, the laser won’t focus properly because it will be at a different distance from the surface and the image will de distorted and less defined.

This is a self designed rotary axis. One of the driven wheels was off .5mm. I have that corrected to .05mm.

Its running

much better.

Don’t understand why Lightburn is so hard to get things lined up.

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