Rotary Axis Anomolies

Ok, so I have gone through most of the typical struggles with a Chinese laser (HL-1060 with ruida RGC6445G(EC)) and the rotary axis including current settings of the driver and the steps per rotation which I still don’t understand. It works now however when I start a simple rectangle cut (calibration) the rotary axis spins like mad as it and the X axis work their way to the start point. I ended up having to set the “pulses per revolution” to 51945 to get the correct shape. upon doing this every time I start a cut it moves slightly into position before starting and the y axis is spinning fast as the x axis moves. I turned off homing on both x and y.

on another strange note as supplied they had me plug in the rotary axis in the y axis driver but the little stepper got hot… I changed the current setting down to 2.1. and that seems to keep things cool and prevents the driver from erroring. Still cant seem to figure out why they move so much before starting a cut.

Any idea what I am missing here. I have only had this for a week so I apologize if its a simple thing. I searched pretty hard for a similar thread.


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