Rotary Axis Complications

Using an OMTECH 55 watt laser, when setting up the rotary axis tool, in Rotary Settings the test function has different results then when I make a rectangle the length of the circumference of the mug I want to engrave and using the frame function. sometimes they show the same results but most times they don’t. I’m not exactly sure what I’m missing here.

The test function does this

“Click the Test button to verify that the roller or chuck makes one full rotation, pauses, then returns”

Does that work?

Do you have a picture or video so we ‘see it’?


yes it does that, exactly like you said. But once I got that working and i make a line the length of the circumference or send a command for it to move that distance in the move window on the side the cup makes almost 1.5 full turns.
The diameter and circumference settings in the rotary tool window are also configured properly

We need to clarify which type of rotary you have. Links or pictures are nice…

There are two types, ‘chuck’ and ‘wheeled’.

Both types need to know how many steps for the motor to make one rotation.

The chuck type also requires the radius (or diameter) to determine the actual surface speed. It has to move the surface at the specified speed set in the layer, such as 220mm/s. Every object with a different diameter requires you to change that parameter in the software.

This is slightly different on how a ‘wheeled’ rotary is implemented. The wheeled rotary additionally needs to know the gear ratio from the motor to the ‘driving’ wheel and the wheels diameter. Once properly set, you do not have to change anything as the surface speed of the wheel will be the same on the object no matter it’s diameter.

It would be a good idea, if possible to upload the .lbrn2 file and a few screenshots of your configuration.
Don’t forget to identify the rotary, how many steps/rotation and the gear ratio if applicable.


this is the rotary axis tool that i’m using.
I figured out a way to make it work, but using the test function in the rotary setup does not work.

Did it come with a setup manual of any kind?

The ‘test’ button should work. So something is amiss.


I have seen on YouTube videos that they have specified that the test function does not work. so maybe it has something to do with compatibly between light burn and my laser.

I highly doubt that. There is a problem somewhere. If there is a bug @LightBurn needs to made aware of it. I’m using a Ruida and if there was an issue it would have come up, I would think.

I still put odds on something not properly configured, but we’ll wait and see.

What video did you see?

My computer is ‘remote’ to the machine so I can’t really use it for direct control. I’ve never used this option.

Good luck.


That would be for a Thunder Laser, or other Ruida controller where they’ve swapped the Y axis (standard) for another axis (non-standard). The test function moves the Y axis.

When you click test, are you watching the wheels on the rotary, or the object? Don’t watch the object - it’s the rotary wheels that should make one complete turn when you click ‘Test’.

ahhhh, I guess that’s where my problem comes in. I was watching the object.

Yes, it was a Thunder Laser

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