Rotary axis jumbled

I have an atomstack A20 with an R3 rotary. The R3 rotary plugs in place of the Y axis.

I have an SVG that cuts perfectly fine on a flat plane, but when I swap the Y axis for the rotary (using the same gcode, not using any rotary feature in lightburn) it gets garbled in the X axis. I have no clue what is going on. Any suggestions would be very welcome.


Looks to me like the rotary is just slipping.

A few contributing factors:

  1. Looks like this is being done in line mode. That will require your rotary to turn back and forth which will be hard to do without slip
  2. Seems like the cylinder is not retaining position along the long axis when rotating back and forth
  3. Your speed/acceleration settings may be too high for your equipment with this operation

I’d suggest moving to a horizontal scanning/fill operation making sure that the rotary only ever moves in one direction.

Here are some tips running a rotary: Rotary roller - Diode Laser Wiki (most have been mentioned by PY already)

You might need to add weight to the object to make it less slipping.

Thanks - I’m trying your suggestions. One thing I would like to do is keep paint on the airplane. Is it possible to do a horizontal scan over the airplane but leave the fuselage and wing panels uncut? I don’t know how to leave an interior island is what I’m getting at. I am working with an SVG. Thank you in advance.

Yes. Create a shape that matches where you don’t want filled. Overlapping portions of shapes become negated. You could potentially do this easily by doing an Inset using the Offset Shapes tool.

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