Rotary axis on U drive?

Hello, I’m new to LB and I like it.
I have a question about using the rotary axis.
I have connected the rotary to the U-axis with its own driver, I can control it in the move section.
In the rotary setup I can choose only the Y-axis for controlling the rotary, Z-axis and A-axis(?) are grayed out. Is it possible to use the U-axis for controlling the rotary it is known in LB and it functions. Every time changing the connectors and rewriting the settings encourages mistakes.
In the same line, in the move menu there is a function ‘home’ and ‘move to’ for the X and Y-axis. Is it possible to add these functions for the Z-axis, easy for installing the rotary axis and safer for the laserhead not bumping to the rotary.

What controller do you have in your machine? Your profile lists “China green” which is completely unhelpful. (We require that field to be filled in so we don’t have to constantly ask this question)

I’m sorry, you are absolutely right.
The controller is a Ruida RDC6442S four drivers X,Y.Z and U, 80 Watts.
Regards, Henk

Ruida controllers do not allow the use of anything but the X or Y axis when engraving. Even trying to do a Z move in the middle of an engraving layer results in the controller just stopping.

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