Rotary changes Origin

I’m new to light urn and absolutely loving it. One issue I’m having is when I switch to rotary the image goes backward and I have to move the origin from top right to bottom right for it to engrave properly. When I fixed this I also have to recharge my skued image. Is there anything I can do to avoid this and leave the origin the same when I switch to rotary?

try flipping the rotary 180° or reverse the wires of the stepper motor.

As Grumpy said, you need to pick your rotary up and flip it end for end. If the motor is on the right, flip it to the left or vice versa. Common problem, and that will resolve it.

Yup, like grumpy & sutick said, pick up the rotary and turn it around. BTDT…
If it bugs you to have it turned that way then you can swap wires on either of the 2 sets of motor windings.

Thank you everyone! I didn’t think that was going to work since the origin only changed 90 degrees and I rotated it 180, but you were all correct.

Leaving it rotated at 180 makes it hard to adjust rotary so I’m thinking rewiring is the best long term solution. Looking at the wires it was 100% straight forward, has found or made a how to?

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