Rotary chuck mods or accessories

Are there any mods or accessories for a rotary chuck? Rubber feet for the claws, rings to hold items, etc… Thanx in advance for your time and support.

Oh goody, a game of “pimp my rotary”.
I’ll play along. :smiley:

I drilled and tapped the corners of mine for some long bolts for “leveling feet” for working with tapered items.

I also added some adjustable arms with roller bearing on them to help hold the ends of things that need end support but can’t be centered easily on that tapered “spike”.

And a cute little wooden cone that fits snugly over the support spike and fits glasses and stuff with a big opening.


Edit to add:
Oops, almost forgot the heatshrink tubing. A short piece over the ends of the chuck jaws helps get a little better grip.

That’s about it so far.


I like your mods. Well done!


You know the saying… “necessity is the mother of invention”. :smiley:
And something about Frank Zappa…

These are cool mods!
Going to use a few!

Where can you get a rotary chuck ?

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