Rotary configuration help

Need help with my rotary setup. Each roller is 42 mm, I’m using a NEMA 17 motor at 200 steps per revolution. I’m trying to engrave a 40mm wide image on an object of 234mm in circumference.

However, when starting the process, my test outline covers almost a full revolution of the object. What am I doing wrong?

Well I’m confused. If I change the mm per rotation value, I get no change on the dimension of the item.

A 40 mm x 10 mm rectangle ends being 160mm x 10mm. Regardless if the mm per rotation is 500 is 3000.

This is Marlin based. My NEMA 17 is directly coupled to one of the rollers.

The GCode output is also the exact same regardless of mm per rotation value.

Another weird item is that I get the exact same Gcode with the rotary enable or disabled…

You’re using the Y axis, not the A axis. I’m not sure I ever completed the handling for using the Y or Z axis for rotary - I’d have to go look, but if the GCode output is the same, I probably never finished it.

Seems like it indeed. If you do work on it, you may consider that you have a beta tester ready! :slight_smile:

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