Rotary confusion

Hi, shouldn’t the configuration changes for selecting either Y, Z or A axis change the output of the gcode? I’m trying to make this work on Marlin, but shouldn’t changing the axis have an effect on the produced gcode?

I believe you are the first user to attempt to use a rotary on a Marlin device. It does not appear that the code handles it at this point - Marlin support has always been a bit behind - anyone using Marlin firmware is generally doing so because they attached a diode to a 3D printer.

Do you have a need to use Marlin for this? It’s generally a poor choice for lasers, as the GCode is really verbose and it doesn’t have velocity ramping for lasers, proper G0 moves, etc.

I’m using Marlin since this is what the printer was running. I removed the extruder and installed a diode as you mention. Seems to work well and I can get pretty good results on wood and ceramic tiles. Since I had extra motors and another 3d printer, I made myself a rotary device and wanted to use the Y Axis possibility of Lightburn, at least from the user interface to attempt the rotary section.

Attached, example of an engraving on ceramic tile.

6x6 tile
2.5 watts diode
About 3 hours

Uploading: 380E1245-9DEA-4DA0-9C1E-68BED722CB8C.jpeg…

Oz, do you have plans on supporting the rotary on Marlin?

I hadn’t planned not to, but it’s not a high priority. So far you’re the only user who’s mentioned it, so I have to assume it’s not affecting a lot of people.

I understand that very well. I’m also in software development. Issues need to be prioritized. If you get around to it, I’ll gladly be your tester if you so wish.

Thanks for the great software. :slight_smile:

It shouldn’t be terribly hard to port the changes across from the normal GCode generator. Marlin is different enough that we had to break out how the code is generated (M106/M107, M03/M05, no G0 support, etc).

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