Rotary Connection size and type for omtech 70watt engraver

just bought a 70w omtech its on its way but i need to convert my rotary attachments from a 4 pin 2.5 mm square connection to the round aviation 4 pin connection. i was looking on ebay but notice they are different sizes for the 4 pin round connector thank you

I believe they are 1/2" or 13mm.

thanks for the reply i clicked on the link that you provided and i was going to buy them but i think that 11$ for shipping its a little excessive a total of 17$ so i didn’t purchase them.
i try to find them on Amazon and found two models gx 12 or gx16 i believe that 12 and 16 are the size in millimeters

I just provided it as a reference.

yes and i appreciate it.
now i can’t seem to find a 13mm connector anywhere. all i can find is 12mm or 16mm

I would email omtech and confirm size. It would suck if 13mm was too small.

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