Rotary dashing vector lines

Hey everyone, I want to start by saying I Love Lightburn!

I am having issues getting my home built rotary to work correctly on my OMTech K40. I am running a Cohesion3D controller. The motor on the rotary is a Nema17 and I was able to get the steps all figured out.

The issue I am having is when I try to do a simple vector (Line) box to test size, it dashes along the A-Axis. It rotates and burns, pauses and does not fire the begins again. It also does connect the corners. The speed is off as well. When it gets to the X-Axis is picks up speed and give a complete line. The Fill (raster) comes out fine. His the Line does it and only along the A-Axis.

The speed I can probably fix with the config for the A-axis but for the life of me I can’t find anything for the dash/pauses. Anyone have a ideas or seen this before?

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